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Artist Statement:


Chloe Rady is a contemporary artist whose practice explores the narratives of girlhood, as well as the tapestry of femininity as a whole. She intertwines lived experiences with inspiration from 90’s and 2000’s fashion and media, to unravel the intricate fabric woven by the male gaze. Her objective is to transmute discomfort into revelation by inviting themes of yearning and desire. To her, art is a tool to access the labyrinths of  the human soul, and confront the shadows that linger in the corners of our collective psyche. Through her work, we are called to reflect on the intricate web of thoughts and feelings that shape our very existence. 

Artist Biography:


At 20 years old, Chloe Rady is an emerging artist pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art from New York University. Her journey as an artist began in San Diego, California, where she grew up. After completing her high school studies and AP Studio Art courses, she furthered her training at the Prima Materia Institute, where she began to build her art portfolio. She specialize in oil painting, using the medium to create primarily figurative works. When she is not in the classroom, she spends her time in New York and Los Angeles, refining her craft and striving to make her mark on the art world.


2022- Present

NYU Steinhardt Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development


Prima Materia Institute

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